Contesta Rock Hair - Shanghai

Nestled above the vibrant streets of Shanghai, the new barber shop atop ContestaRockHair salon emerges as a testament to artful design, where Victorian elegance meets the whimsical charm of Trompe l’œil. In this unique space, I have seamlessly integrated custom-designed, light grey wallpaper that evokes the sophistication of the Victorian era, setting a refined backdrop for the entire shop. This bespoke wallpaper, carefully printed and applied, serves as the foundation for the illusionary artistry that follows.

Building upon this vintage canvas, the walls come alive with airbrushed Trompe l’œil effects, crafting the illusion of peeling and revealing layers beneath. This playful deception not only adds depth and intrigue but also complements the shop’s overall aesthetic, marrying the classic with the contemporary. The addition of a hand-painted, vintage-style sign on wood further anchors the space in a sense of tradition, making the barber shop not just a place for grooming, but a captivating journey through time and creativity, where every detail is a nod to the past, reimagined for the modern patron.

In the creatively charged atmosphere of ContestaRockHair Shanghai, the bathroom stands out as a canvas for urban expression, where I’ve brought the city’s architectural spirit indoors. The walls are adorned with a stencil mural that captures the essence of high-rise buildings, bathed in a vibrant shade of purple, crafting a bold, visual narrative. This artwork not only energizes the space with its street-art flair but also adds depth and character, transforming an ordinary restroom into a corner of artistic exploration. The stylized depiction of the cityscape resonates with the salon’s cutting-edge identity, providing a metropolitan backdrop that complements the inventive vibe of the environment it inhabits.