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Davide Martini?

Graphic Design
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He’s an avid admirer of entropy, a visionary without a vision, a deep thinker with superficial thoughts, an optimistic nihilist, and a self-proclaimed artist who rarely leaves his comfy armchair. He worships good music on pitch-perfect audio systems and pray only to the goddessesPizza & Caffeina.

For the past couple of decades, he wanders in the realm of Fashion. He loves complex phrases, intricate patterns, difficult concepts, confusing abstractions, but as a rule of thumb, always constructs simple solutions to each problems he encountered. Free of any particular style, movement, dogma or perspective, nothing excites him more than a problem to solve and no challenge to him is ever hard enough.

The idea of being a damn good designer is what wakes him up in the morning.



Their work is original and amazing
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Never Perfect
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