In 2016, Davide Martini developed a series of illustrations called “Black Circle.”

These illustrations were based on sarcasm and irony and were created using traditional art materials like pen, ink, and paper.

Davide developed this series in his free time as a way to express his thoughts and feelings on various topics. His aim was to create something that would make people think and maybe even make them laugh.

Davide hopes that the “Black Circle” series will continue to be appreciated and shared by people around the world. These illustrations serve as a reminder that sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest impact.

In 2016, Davide Martini created a project called “Black Circle” which consisted of a series of small, ironic illustrations that he made in his free time. He shared them on Behance under Creative Commons terms, allowing people all over the world to enjoy his work. Unfortunately, Davide later discovered that his work had been stolen and reproduced without his permission or compensation by various brands in countries such as Russia, China, and Brazil.

This is an issue that many artists and creators face in the digital age, and it can be disheartening and frustrating to see your work being used without your consent and without any financial compensation. It’s especially frustrating when large companies and brands profit off of stolen art without paying the original creators, who deserve to be respected and compensated for their hard work and creativity.

Davide would like to express his disappointment and frustration with these companies and brands that profit off of stolen art without paying the original creators. He also wants to call out the platforms that allow this to happen by not properly enforcing copyright laws and protecting the rights of creators.

As a designer, Davide wants to remind his fellow creators that it’s okay to be angry and frustrated when your work is stolen. It’s not okay for someone else to profit off of your hard work and creativity without your permission. Creators deserve to be respected and compensated for their work.