Indulgi Store

53-1 Takakura Higashi-hairu,
Nakagyo-ku Sanjo-Street,
Kyoto 604-8111

The underlying idea of the Indulgi product ethos, in a market saturated with offerings, is to propose a limited number of products following a very contemporary minimalist aesthetic but with a twist of whimsy.

We live to create because we need to reveal, to bring back treasured epiphany from our journey; in this spirit of communal exploration and revelation, we seek to know ways of dreamingtogether so that every thoughtful object we make comes with a story.

Indulgi is an Italian collective that invites the world’s leading artists to create unique products. The worlds of fashionartand design get integrated, emphasizing on refined materials, strong visuals and high production standards. It’s founded by Marco Pagani.