We are a Tattoo Studio based in Shanghai, China.
All of our equipment is kept to western standards of Hygiene, Disposable needles, cartridges… Basically everything is sterile, sealed and imported. We have some of Shanghai’s most talented Artists, who do all styles of Tattoos from black and grey, portrait realistic, Asian traditional, neo-traditional, American traditional, dot works etc. etc. . All our ink’s are imported from America. We offer a fully bilingual service, English and Chinese, so if you don’t speak the native language we can still sort you out. We are based in the center of Shanghai, if you want to make an appointment check out the Contact Us section for further details.

Shanghai Tattoo is on the 4th floor at 1 Maoming nan lu, right on the corner of Yanan lu. You know the highway exit Maoming Lu? We’re just there. 8 mins walk from South Shaanxi lu metro station, 15 mins walk from West Nanjing lu station.